Task 7 - Prop List & Shot List

The main props we used for our main task was the out fits, as it was a super hero film we tried to use as many props as we had lying around and that we could to make to make it looks the best it could possibly be.
These are some of the masks we used for our actors, different colors were tried to represent each side with the goodies and the badies. The one covered it caution tape was a continuous theme we tried to keep with the 'supergood' having them all having a certain thing with the tape on it to show a sign of that they were united and together as one.
This outfit was for 'Blue bolt' played by Sophie Marie Clegg, her character was one of the goodies and we used red lipstick to try and insinuate her feminine side and red lipstick can also try to represent sexuality, her outfit consisted of the 'blue bolt' top which we thought tied in well for her name and small gold shorts again quite a fun color choice. This outfit was trying to represent bright, pure look, her makeup was kept very subtle and pure trying to portray her innocence but with the red lipstick contrasting this maybe showing a different side to her.
This outfit was for 'Black ice' who was played by Bella, we tried to keep it very simple and dark and mysterious, all makeup used was black and her hair being dark added to this to give it a negative effect. The caution tape appears again with one of the badies going across her body and the tight leotard showed a harsh, stern effect which was meant to represent that she would take no messing and was serious in her appearance.
This was the props we used for 'Beefinator' who was played by Kyle the outfit was kept very simple with no top so he was shirtless, showing his torso which was muscly to show his strength as one of the badies, again the mask has caution tape on it which represents he is in the 'bad' team, the black tights we just kept simple to try and look skin tight and make him look as muscly as possible.
Alex Lister played the intimidator and his outfit was very similar to Kyle's just not including the mask but instead of the mask he had the caution tape round his wrists, again to show off his body we decided to go with no top this insinuated his muscly torso and made him and Kyle look tough together, representing strength with badies.
Lastly Alex Scholes who played the 'golden man' we decided to keep the props for his outfit again quite bright and make him stick out as he was the leader of the good team, with bright red as the cape and gold tights this is quite a unique look. In our survey it was shown that red is mostly associated with goodies so that why we bring in the red in his cape and with Sophie's lipstick to try and get a common theme.

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