Tuesday, 20 March 2012

7-3-12 1st day of filming (Bella & Soph)

This was our first day of filming and we started off by filming Sophie who is one of our super heros, we had prepared all the costumes before and made sure everything was ready for filming. In our group we tried to get together as many outfits as possible so we didn't have to buy the. We all contributed to bringing in different things for the costumes and in the end managed to sort them all out. Sophie wore black tight an electric blue top with high heels and red lipstick, we thought this portrayed her character and made her look heroic and innocent. We chose to film in a free period where there was as less people around as possible but we did get some people walking past but we had to work around it. After filming Sophie we filmed Bella and Sophie with their close up we tried to make Bellas make up look dark and more evil using dark colours and

Friday, 9 March 2012

Location Recce


9/03/12 Still shots of Story board

These are still shots of our story board, where we have tried to re create the film in stills to try and check lighting and that the location was correct. We realized that some places may be to dark or inappropriate to film in and then we found different places that fitted the criteria more.

9/03/12 Story Board for main idea

Here is the step by step story board for our main idea. Its a super hero film which is about a group of 3 goodies and 3 badies which try and beat each other in the struggle of school life.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

6-3-12 Character Designs

These are our designs for our characters. We tried to make the goodies in bright colour which would catch the audience eyes and then as a contrast put the badies in dark, evil colours to show a real difference between the two.

6-3-12 Mood Board

Here we have made a mood board for our title sequence, this includes quite bright pictures and super hero theme with mask and they way the shampoo bottle are standing that is how we see the super heros standing.