Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The marvel ident appears slowing fading out.
Subtitles appear in white wring along the bottom of the screen
A shirtless male is wrapping yellow tape round his wrist, enhancing the veins on his arms
The intimidator as Alex Lister appears on the screen in yellow writing
A female character is wrapping the same yellow tape round her head to form some sort of head band
Black Ice then appears on Screen in yellow writing
A third character then places a mask over his ice shortly followed by The Beefanator appearing again in yellow writing
Tilt body shots of all three characters cut in between showing the whole length of each character
A fourth character appears tying a red cape round his neck
Followed by Golden man as Alex Scholes in red writing
A female character is shown putting on red lipstick into a mirror
After Blue Bolt as Sophie Marie Clegg appears again in red writing
Then another male character placing a blue mask onto his face
The word Nitrous then appears
Then again a full body shot of each of the three introduced characters appears on screen cutting in between showing their legs, torso then face
The title supergood vs superbad bounces up on screen is bright red and yellow colours
Then it shows both teams walking past eachother in a corridor as they past each one looks back at the other group giving them dirty looks, as The intimidator walks on he walks into a cone and get extremely angry throwing the cone done the corridor.

Fade out

As we had no dialogue in our main task, I've decided to write the script more as stage directions and a play by play of what is happening as you watch it. We originally did have sounds in main task but as we did not use professional actors, they couldn't take it seriously and we had to cut the sound out, also looking at other peoples work from previous years we thought that sound can sometimes cheapen the look of a film and make it amateur and not professional.


AS a location we decided to change our plan as we tested some shots outside and the lighting wasn't right so therefore we decided to film inside in the corridor where there was a window on one side to natural light was let in. We made sure we were filming during day light so that the natural light was able to come in and not make the shots look too dark. Also the reason why we chose the film here was to try and make it as authentic as possible as the corridor made it clear that we were filming in a school.
This is where we shot the tilt, up down shots of each character, we chose here as it was a blank canvas and the places we chose originally didn't work due to many things such as lighting, not being free and we needed an encloses space that the characters could walk around in their costumes and not offend or get in the way of anyone.